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  • Advertisement: market solidarity 2017

    Let’s return another year to the solidarity market in the school Divino maestro. This time to help a wonderful family […]

  • Cushion: Totoro

      Hello everybody!   Today I want to show you, the last cushion that I have made.   The cushion […]

  • Halloween: Caracola

    Hello everybody! The best day of the year, for me, is coming… One night where you´ll can start new ideas […]

  • Botanic Garden



    How well we have spent at the Botanical Garden. This year they have again celebrated the Spring Festival and invited us.
    I’m super happy!.


    Look at the friends and little friends who came to greet:


    I know… I didn´t have time to take more photos of the event… but to compensante…I leave héroe a video  that the TVT recordad. I have shortened a litte to show You the part in White I leave ☺️.


    If anyone is interested in watching the full video, don´t hesitate to put it in the comments.




  • Halloween in Astrolibros

    Wuajahajajajajaaaa!!! An evil laughter enveloped the bookstore Astrolibros On November 31st… and it was no wonder, since more than 40 […]

  • Order number 8

    Hi everybody!! Today I want to show a photo that was sent by a friend of his order..  “Everything is […]

  • A Smile dyed a World without Color

    These days running … The world in which we live is going staining on a grayish, people are losing strength […]

  • ¿Rabbits and cats together?

    Love can come when you least expect and the hand of a person that you thought that love was impossible. […]

  • Customised doll

    Hello everybody! The summer is coming and we have a great innovation. Do you want to know about it?   […]


    This year, the Auryn Association, we are preparing a very unique show. Alice is tired of his story and decides […]