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Advertisement: market solidarity 2017

Let’s return another year to the solidarity market in the school Divino maestro. This time to help a wonderful family in the city of Vitoria, to be able to give medical treatment to their child, who suffers from a rare disease, an epilepsy that affects speech.

There we will be all day, we will tell you throughout the month of November more things. But for now … point in your agendas on December 17, 2017.

See you at the next event

Laura (La Eterna Niña Pehebe)


Cushion: Totoro


Hello everybody!


Today I want to show you, the last cushion that I have made.


The cushion is made 100% by hand, with acrylic wool. It has a pixelated totoro drawn. Is it beautiful, isn´t it?

The cushion cover can be washed by hand or a machine, and is ideal to give the original touch to any corner of the house.

Thank you so much for the photo.


You can place your order from our official website or by sending an email to

See you.


Halloween: Caracola

Hello everybody!

The best day of the year, for me, is coming… One night where you´ll can start new ideas for your terrorific costume and makeup.😈😈

This year we have been makeup the shop assitant of Caracolacomics, it is on San Prudencio street, Vitoria.

The topic was “Zombies”. Some customers were scared to see them, even some child cried.😱.

I think they weren´t so scary. Judge yourselves!


The “good” Imperial soldier didn’t escape of the zombies.


They released the horde of zombies. Nobody was safe.



In the deep, these zombies are pure love.



Thanks so much for the photographies of the event. 😍


See you next event.


Botanic Garden



How well we have spent at the Botanical Garden. This year they have again celebrated the Spring Festival and invited us.
I’m super happy!.


Look at the friends and little friends who came to greet:


I know… I didn´t have time to take more photos of the event… but to compensante…I leave héroe a video  that the TVT recordad. I have shortened a litte to show You the part in White I leave ☺️.


If anyone is interested in watching the full video, don´t hesitate to put it in the comments.




Halloween in Astrolibros


An evil laughter enveloped the bookstore Astrolibros On November 31st… and it was no wonder, since more than 40 monsters had gathered to enjoy with the story “The monstrous party”

Where in a black and white world with a touch of red bloody, It would be completely transformed by the events that happened in “The monstrous party”

At the end of the story, the monsters who wanted to be transformed into a real monsters, witches, vampires, pumpkins,…even Spiderman and Hulk were passed around to see both grotesque together.


A day when the ” trick or treat ” no missed and many attendees took home an evening full of fun , stories, face painting and dancing.

Thank you very much Bookseller for their trust and I hope I get invited to the next party 😉



Order number 8

Hi everybody!!

Today I want to show a photo that was sent by a friend of his order..

 “Everything is so beautiful” It is the comment that came attached to the photo.


The order consists of:


  • A personalized teddy

Sin título-2

  • Two personalized Keychains
  • Booties made with wool suitable for younger
  • A witch bracelet. (Available on the web


I hope you enjoy with it as much as I enjoyed myself so.

If you want to place your order you can visit the shop (, fill out the contact form or you can send me an e-mail to



A Smile dyed a World without Color

These days running … The world in which we live is going staining on a grayish, people are losing strength and desire to smile How many times have you gone down the street with a smile from ear to ear? How many times have you looked at someone’s face and you replied with a smile, a wink or just has made you look?
madre tierraOne day I stood in the middle of a busy street in my town and I got to watch everything that was going through my side:

Some walked very fast, with long strides, head down, as if searching for something on the ground, with a serious face. (So ​​how’s my brother … Go and that goes like me! …)
Others walked quickly, with as above with head bowed and face very serious very short and equal steps (but that’s not my professor of psychology?)
Some went with their heads held high, staring straight ahead, oblivious to who was around. (Believe it is very important for everyone to look over his shoulder …)
Then my body experienced a very unpleasant feeling, as if there were even many of those people who passed me, pushed me, as if they hinder in your way …

And suddenly … my eyes went to a boy, who was sitting right in front of me, staring at me with a huge smile on his face – I am very polite as I said with a wink and a smile the child too embarrassed rose and took refuge in the arms of his mother, and once there stared at me with the same smile. Just then a pleasant feeling ran through my body, I was happy because I had forgotten what it was that child to be happy and, with that smile, I did remember.

Now I walk down the street with a sorisa on his face, watching the people to face embarrassing if they reply with a wink or a smile.

Some people may look at me like a freak and that girl would ask who or why me smile … and the next time you cross me again I returned the smile or I go looking and looking at everyone , sonriéndolas, to see if they meet that girl that smiled for the first time, until you reach a point where they will instinctively … it may sound like Utopia, but if we did …

We would all be happier and the world would recover its wonderful color.




¿Rabbits and cats together?

conejos y gatosLove can come when you least expect and the hand of a person that you thought that love was impossible. Why not fight for the person you love? Why not break the rules?
If you are really in love / love, fight for this love, no matter what people say or species you are.

If you’re a cat and a rabbit else Why do not you go to be together?

(Click on image)



Customised doll

Hello everybody!

The summer is coming and we have a great innovation. Do you want to know about it?




(Do you have an idea? Test your imagination!)



Test your imagination and make an original gift, handmade and especially as you want. 


Amigurumis whit wool suitable for babies, printed fabrics, smooth fabrics… (cottons, Lycra, nylon, polyester…)


Original gifts for your wedding, baby shower, christening, birthdays, especial events..




Kisses and “thumbs up”



This year, the Auryn Association, we are preparing a very unique show. Alice is tired of his story and decides it’s time to take a trip out of Wonderland … Alice arrive in the country of childhood, where he will meet other characters who are in the same situation and have gone there too..

La reina de corazones y el periodista

The Queen of Hearts and journalist, once there, with the help of the Queen of Hearts discover that everything they had been told of the Country of Childhood was a lie: Children are not happy, muren because of wars, are abandoned ….

What can they do to resolve this situation ?.

If you want to know … On April 14 in Valladolid … For more information … Shout !! hehe: D.