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Halloween: Caracola

Hello everybody!

The best day of the year, for me, is coming… One night where you´ll can start new ideas for your terrorific costume and makeup.😈😈

This year we have been makeup the shop assitant of Caracolacomics, it is on San Prudencio street, Vitoria.

The topic was “Zombies”. Some customers were scared to see them, even some child cried.😱.

I think they weren´t so scary. Judge yourselves!


The “good” Imperial soldier didn’t escape of the zombies.


They released the horde of zombies. Nobody was safe.



In the deep, these zombies are pure love.



Thanks so much for the photographies of the event. 😍


See you next event.


The first love.

I was thousands of miles from my home, surrounded by people, who barely knew the name … and suddenly … a chill ran through every corner of my being …, the heart began to pump in an unusual way, … my feet were paralyzed …, my hands stiffened …, my mouth dried and I could not utter a word …, my eyes were fixed on that person …, the breath did not reach my lungs … Oh my God! What happens to me? … Why do I feel so bad? … PLEASE WHAT SOMEBODY HELP ME! … No one hears me ….
My feet respond awkwardly … Where am I going? Why there? …
My hands start to shake … What do they want me to touch? What do they want me to …?
Slowly my mouth begins to moisten and weakly come out the wrong words. … But what am I saying? …
My eyes are still fixed on that person, unable to blink … Why can not I look away? …
My breath is still the same …
Every step he took … his heart beat faster … the air grew heavier …
A smile, … a smile was worth to appease my heart, to lighten the atmosphere, to calm my being.
I do not know what happened, but I can not erase that day and that person from my mind, from my eyes, from my breath, from my mouth, from my hands, from my heart.
Now I can say without a doubt: “That the first love was engraved forever in all parts of my body” corazón papel verde


Happy St. Celedonius, Cyril and Methodius!

Surely, if I wish you Happy St. Celedonius, Happy St. Cyril and Happy St. Methodius, you will not know what I am referring to, right?
What if I tell you that day is February 14th ?? Now you know where the shots go, right?
February 14th is known worldwide for St. Valentine’s Day, but it also coincides with St. Celedonius, Cyril and Methodius, and the poor do not know the vast majority, well in person I do not, but at least I know of their existence and somethings which they made in life, especially of Cyril Methodius who lived in the s.IX.
At this time, there is an increasingly dull air, as romanticism is giving way to marketing, advertising, economics … and part of this special day has been lost. Many people believe that Valentine Wars created by department store (whose name I will not mention, not to advertise;))
We must try to recover the Romanticism that in those days could be felt. Where have these poems of love remained? Where were these walks under the light of the moon? Where are those letters of love, whose words penetrate the soul and lodge in the heart? Do you think I’ve become old-fashioned? Do you think I’m being very corny? Do not you think it would be good to spend more time with the person you love? Well, today is the day.
If by circumstances beyond you, you can not be together physically on this day, do not worry, poems, love letters, … can come closer. Each word, each letter, which with your heart you write will reach the soul and will be lodged in your heart, making that the distance that separates you will decrease to zero. Also, now with the new technologies, it is easier to make your message arrive, or not? I know it’s not the same, but you have to try to feel more close to your partner by all means.
Can I give you some advice? Saint Valentine or Saint Celedonius, Cyril, Methodius is only once a year, your love lasts for all eternity and we must prove it day by day. So if you do not remember any of those who are reading this Post on this day, do not worry, there are still 364 more days left. And as I do not want to forget about you, and as poems and love letters have to be presonalized and it would take me a long time to write one to each one of you, … I will give you the best thing to do: